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AI or artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm.

This technology has been rapidly advancing in recent years and reshaping the way we do everything. AI brings impressive capabilities to our fingertips, most commonly in the workplace.

Research has revealed that task automation could potentially replace up to 46% of an administrative support person’s role.

Some might see this as a scary thought, but here at Good Line, we see it as an exciting prospect to provide more high-end strategic support while also completing daily admin tasks in a quicker timeframe.

So, let’s explore how AI is changing the way we work and how we can use this powerful tool to our advantage.


Let's firstly, break this down.

AI or Artificial Intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence processes by technology like computer systems, software, or apps.

Developers create software or algorithms to perform tasks that would typically require human input. These tasks can be straightforward ones or more advanced solutions that include understanding written and spoken language or recognising patterns.

Most AI systems are trained to undertake a specific set of tasks - like an automatically triggered email sequence, chatbot responses or to carry out voice-activated commands. Elements of AI can be utilised in any industry, such as administration, education, healthcare, hospitality, eCommerce, finance, entertainment, manufacturing and many more.

There is already so much that AI can assist with, but we are currently still in the infancy stages. As the technology continues to evolve, it will revolutionise industries and likely have the capability to understand, learn and apply knowledge just like a human.


There once was a time when booking an appointment meant opening a paper-based calendar and checking which time slots weren’t already filled in with a pencil or highlighter. Receipts used to be handwritten on little stubs or on carbon paper... do you remember those days? 

Most of us have moved onto using a form of AI in our daily lives already making appointments, expenses, events, and general admin tasks much easier to manage and action. We are sure you are using AI in your business without even giving it a second thought! 

Technology has seen us advance in so many ways, usually making jobs easier to complete. The latest advances in AI are a whole new level of technology and it opens up a world of possibilities. The full potential of AI has not yet been realised yet, but it is on its way! 

Here are some of the ways it is already revolutionising the way we do business:

Repetitive Tasks

One of the easiest ways to utilise the power of AI in your business is to automate repetitive tasks.

This instantly frees up time to focus on more complex or strategic aspects of business. And it also helps to minimise the risk of human error as AI will follow formulaic processes every time.

These are just some of the repetitive tasks AI can assist your business with:

  • Data entry and processing by extracting info from documents, forms and emails

  • Customer support and queries via chatbots

  • Categorising and prioritising emails as well as responding with predefined templates

  • Social media insights, scheduling and posting

  • Appointment scheduling using calendar apps

  • Expense tracking and reporting

  • Language translation

  • Filing and organising virtual documents

Data Analysis

Businesses produce a heck of a lot of data. Often, it goes under utilised as key stakeholders don’t have the time or knowledge to analyse it efficiently.

AI tools can do the job for you, pulling the appropriate data from your various operating systems, compiling it and tracking trends or red flags.

This data pool can give you better insight into your finances, sales, operations, customer behaviours and market trends. You can then use the information to make informed decisions, streamline and tailor your offerings.

Marketing and Sales

Attract customers, create better conversions, drive sales, or re-engage past clients, AI can help you do it all. Create personalised marketing campaigns, determine the most effective sales channels, reach your customers in targeted ways, enhance engagement and more.

When used correctly, AI can be one of the most powerful marketing weapons in your arsenal. It can do things as simple as making eCommerce product recommendations based on your customer’s past browsing and purchase history, or as complex as directing leads through a comprehensive sales funnel.

Customer Support

Customers and clients are the lifeblood of your business, so you want to ensure their experience with your operation is a positive one. AI can help you provide 24/7 support, ensure customer inquiries are answered quickly, and offer regular touch points to improve your overall service.

This can lead to improved customer satisfaction which only means good things for your business.

Creating Efficiency

It takes a lot of resources to run a successful business. So, if you can secure more help with less time input, it’s going to be good news. AI can create efficiencies in your business by optimising your inventory management, translating languages, reducing the need for manual input, predicting maintenance or service requirements, and giving you the power to make data-driven decisions.

With AI, you can forget the time consuming boring tasks and focus on the creative or strategic aspects of business to increase your productivity and maybe even reduce operating costs.


AI gets a mixed reception in the business world. Some worry that it could be scraping our data and stealing people’s jobs. But, the reality is, AI is the way of the future. So, here at Good Line, we are taking the approach of embracing AI and the power that it brings to our own business and to our client’s businesses too.

We know that we can use AI to enhance our client’s lives, making more streamlined processes and growing the capabilities of each operation.

These are some of the ways we are working alongside AI:

  • Keeping the human-ness: There is a great fear that introducing AI to your business will make it seem like robots are running it. That is why we are choosing to work alongside AI, not hand over the reigns completely!

  • Upskilling: With any new technology, there is a learning curve. Our team are consistently working to upskill our AI expertise so that we can adapt to new roles and responsibilities.

  • Embracing innovation: Change is the only thing that is certain in business, so we are open to exploring new ways to use AI and improve business processes across a wide range of industries.

  • Being strategic: To maximise the benefits of AI, you need to know what you want from it. So, we are working with our clients to develop clear strategies that outline the objectives, goals and desired outcomes of implementing AI.

If the time has come for your business to embrace AI, let the team at Good Line help you do it.

Together, we will strategise the best AI solutions for your business and help you implement and maintain them.