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Reestablish a Healthy Work-Life Balance in Your Business Life.

Being at the helm of your business, especially as a C-level executive, founder, or leadership team member, involves a heavy workload full of diverse and demanding tasks needed to keep your company competitive and successful.

Managing this can often lead to unsustainable habits like late nights and early mornings as you strive to stay on top. It's easy to feel swamped and you find yourself trying to do more yet achieving less.

Enter GOOD LINE's Virtual Executive Assistants (EAs) and Strategic Support team.

Our elite virtual Executive Assistants in New Zealand are poised to demonstrate how effectively delegation can duplicate your efforts and alleviate the burden of being the only one in charge of all tasks. 

To further support your journey, our virtual Strategic Support team is an invaluable asset for any business looking to elevate its brand and refine its marketing strategies for sustained growth and success. Composed of seasoned strategists and marketing experts, our team works remotely to provide tailored support that aligns with your business goals and market dynamics.

At GOOD LINE, we are committed individuals with a proactive 'get it done' mindset, focused on injecting more 'life' into your lifestyle.

This year, enhance your operational effectiveness with a GOOD team that is designed to help your business succeed and thrive. 


You are working all the hours available with a to-do list that never seems to shrink.

You want to grow your business but know you can't do it all yourself. 

You have found yourself procrastinating and struggling to gain focus on the actions that need to be completed.

You know you need help; however, the thought of hiring, training, and outlay costs worries you. Is it worth all the extra time and expense? 

You don't know if now is the best time, but surely you can just keep going the way you are, right? 

Ah... NO!

YOU are the most critical person in your business, and to have you burn out, be overwhelmed, or be stressed is not a solution. 

It's time to stop doing it all, focus on the higher-value tasks and watch your business flourish! 


  • Feel confident in delegating those repeat or process-driven tasks without the time-consuming recruitment process.

  • Focus only on the work that makes you feel GOOD and let someone else handle the rest. 

  • Have a clear strategy for your brand and marketing focused on growth.

  • Have more time to drive your business to the next phase and more time for YOU and your family. 

  • Have access to a dedicated assistant and a wider team of experts in their field as and when you need them!

    A fully equipt team is at your disposal. So let's get started!

Effective time management is vital to GOOD business.


You are your business, but being the best you need to be often requires someone else in the background to realise your vision.

We are working virtually with C-level management, executive teams, and established founders who are already experiencing growth in their businesses and enjoying a good work-life balance, a direct result of our GOOD virtual support.


The heart of Good Line NZ is its people. Quick thinking, clear communicators, creative minds, and a great sense of humor are what comes together to create the GOOD team.

A GOOD EA has on average 8+ years of experience as an executive assistant or personal assistant to a CEO or executive management team.

They are dedicated, talented professionals whose passion is to support entrepreneurs and SMEs.


As little as 10 minutes a day in a natural setting can help people feel happier and lessen the effects of both physical and mental stress.

Supporting native tree planting in New Zealand helps create more accessible green spaces for people to unwind, promoting health and well-being.

At GOOD LINE we are proud to support Trees That Count and we donate 10 native trees for every client that we support. 

We’re working with Trees That Count and helping plant more of our iconic native species, we are proud to protect our unique flora and fauna for the future.

Our team consists of skilled professionals with a deep understanding of business. 

Are you ready to make a GOOD call for your business?


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