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Ever wished you could use a Virtual Assistant in your business but not sure where to start?

Wondered what a VA could do for your business and what you could delegate right now?

The answer is plenty.

Delegating tasks to a VA seems like it would be easy. But often, when you sit down to make a delegation plan, it is hard to find the tasks that you can let go of.

The GOOD news is, VAs are skilled and knowledgeable. You might not realise it, but they can take on a huge bulk of your tasks.

If only you knew which ones they were!

Don’t worry, you don't have to sit there stewing over it for hours. We’ve got you covered in this blog! Here are all the tasks you can hand over today.


Emails are meant to make our lives easier. But sometimes, it can feel like all you ever do is try and empty your inbox and make sure you reply to everything important.

Imagine if someone did all that for you! A GOOD VA can:

  1. Regularly review your inbox and make sure important emails are flagged with you straight away.

  2. Reply to simple emails with templated responses - such as simple quotes or requests for meetings. Your GOOD VA can also ensure times are arranged with allowance for travel and admin.

  3. Delete unimportant emails or file things like newsletters for you to read later.

  4. Set up folders for emails that need to be kept and then go through your inbox and file everything accordingly.


Whether it’s an important business meeting, a personal engagement or a special occasion that can’t be missed, making sure your diary is up to date is essential.

When you manage your own diary, it can be easy to forget an appointment or say yes to too many engagements and get over-booked. A virtual assistant can ensure your diary runs smoothly.

A GOOD VA can:

  1. Accept meeting invitations on your behalf via phone or email, AND ensure they fit within the set parameters of your working hours.

  2. Arrange details of all attendees and check attendance from all parties.

  3. Arrange or rearrange your diary to accommodate events while ensuring you have ample travel and admin time in between appointments.

  4. Give you a reminder in good time of each appointment so you don’t forget anything.

  5. Make arrangements for travel, catering, event bookings or anything else that needs to be set up.


There’s nothing worse than a disjointed meeting where no one is quite sure what’s going on or who is responsible for what. There’s a lot that goes into a good meeting but a virtual assistant can deal with all the background tasks leaving you to deal with the important aspects.

A GOOD VA can:

  1. Establish whether there is a need for an in-person meeting or if things can be settled via email, phone or Zoom

  2. Arrange the time and location for the meeting and ensure all relevant parties can attend.

  3. Prepare agendas and any other documentation, plus make sure they are distributed among attendees.

  4. Take minutes during the meeting, prepare them and then distribute them to attendees.

  5. Follow up on any action points as required.


Planning a holiday can be fun, but planning business travel isn’t always. All the arrangements can be time-consuming, even for short trips. Instead, you could sit back ad relax and get all the details delivered in a comprehensive itinerary.

A GOOD VA can:

  1. Research and book flights, transfers, and accommodation.

  2. Arrange any visas or other travel documents.

  3. Ensure you are aware of any health requirements such as vaccinations before you go.

  4. Create a detailed itinerary so you know exactly where to be and when.


No more keeping all those receipts stuck in a shoebox or scrabbling around when your accountant reminds you that it’s filing time. Get all your expenses neatly filed away ready for action.

A GOOD VA can:

  1. Keep a running record of your expenses so you know how much you are spending.

  2. File receipts for your expenses so you have the right records.

  3. Reconcile any expenses with your bank records or in your accounting software.


Spend more time on making sales and less time involved in all the surrounding admin by outsourcing parts of your sales and invoicing processes.

A GOOD VA can:

  1. Prepare supporting documentation for your sales including generating quotes.

  2. Manage the client’s journey through the sales pipeline to ensure things move smoothly through each stage.

  3. Chase a sales prospect to respond to quotes or signed contracts as required.

  4. Follow up with invoicing and overdue accounts.

  5. Reconcile figures from invoices and transactions with monthly statements ready for accounting.


Your accountant will take care of your year-end issues but a bookkeeper can assist you throughout the year to make sure all the figures are in the right place for your accountant.

A GOOD VA can:

  1. Reconcile your figures monthly with your bank records to ensure everything is in order.

  2. Keep on top of accounts payable and receivable.

  3. Ensure your cash flow is in good order.

  4. Prepare regular reports so you know what is happening with your finances.


If you regularly need to create documents or presentations for your business, a virtual assistant can do all the hard work for you and hand you a finished project.

A GOOD VA can:

  1. Do all the necessary research for your project.

  2. Put together notes for you to review for accuracy if required.

  3. Create a document or presentation with all of the information.

  4. Ensure the documents or presentations are branded in line with your company’s colours and logos.


In today’s competitive world, it’s important to create the right branding for your company and ensure that it is consistent across your marketing so that people easily associate with your business.

A GOOD VA can:

  1. Help to design branding if your business needs it so your branding reflects you and what you do.

  2. Ensure your branding is consistent across your marketing collateral such as printed material and your website.

  3. Help to spread your brand awareness through your social channels and create relevant content.

  4. Proofread content for your social channels, printed adverts, brochures or sales material and your website.


Every business owner knows the importance of being active on social media and getting the right content out there for their business. But most business owners also know how time-consuming setting up social media is and how much work it can be.

A GOOD VA can:

  1. Make sure your accounts are properly set up on all the right social media platforms.

  2. Keep you on track for posting content that accurately represents your business.

  3. Create templates for your social channels that fit your branding.

  4. Post social content for you to meet your goals.

  5. Provide regular insights into how your audience is responding to your posts.

  6. Create an email newsletter series to capitalise on new followers and stay top of mind with customers.


There’s probably a whole heap of other things you can think of that you might want help with. So just ask and see what can happen.

A GOOD VA can help with:

  1. Data entry and analysis of figures into an easy-to-read report.

  2. General admin to ensure all paperwork is neatly filed.

  3. Customer relationship management.

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If you think delegating some of the above tasks to an expert could help your business, then don’t waste any more time. 

A GOOD VA can help you save so much time in your business. That means you can stop wasting time on the repetitive things and focus on the parts of the business that generate sales and require your expertise.

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