A Virtual Assistant Is An Integral Part Of Your Business Family


Play To Your Strengths

“Master your strengths, outsource your weaknesses.” - Ryan Kahn

Clearly, you’re great at what you do – after all, that’s why you pursued it as a career. But when you run a business, you often have to complete dozens of jobs every week that you’re not so good at, and things you downright hate doing.

Imagine how much your business could grow if you could leverage your strongest skills instead of trying to patch up your weaknesses!

Your time is worth money. Let’s say you bill a client $150 per hour, then spend five hours every week on tedious admin tasks.

If you outsource those admin tasks, you’ll have five extra hours every week. You can choose to take on more clients, focus more on the growth of your business, or have a few extra hours off to claw back some precious work-life balance. Or you could do all three!


Having a virtual assistant on your team frees you up to focus on your strengths and core, strategic business tasks.

The Details Matter

What part of a car is the most important? Obviously, the engine is pretty vital, but then again, so are the tyres. And brakes are pretty essential, wouldn’t you say? But what about the other components we don’t pay attention to? There are plenty of nuts, bolts and fiddly bits holding everything together.

Moral of the story? Every part of the car is important. If those fiddly bits aren’t taken care of, the car probably won’t get very far.

The same goes for your business. Ignore your diary management, customer service, bookkeeping, or even emails for a week or two, and your business is going to start sputtering.

Are there parts of your business that are neglected because you just don’t have the time?

How much smoother would your business run if there was someone to pay attention to the nuts and


A virtual assistant can manage the tasks you just don’t have time (or the right skillset) for – from social media management to client liaison and more.

All The Benefits With None Of The Downsides

When you welcome a virtual assistant to your business family, you get all the benefits of a new team member, yet none of the downsides!

Unlike salaried employees, you only pay your virtual assistant for the time they work. This flexibility enables you to scale up or down, depending on your needs. In today’s uncertain times, this ability to respond quickly to change is a huge business asset.

And because you’re outsourcing instead of hiring in-house, you don’t have to factor in costs like leave, training, or office equipment.

A virtual assistant is a skilled professional already equipped with the training and resources necessary to handle their tasks quickly and efficiently, bringing increased value to your business.

A Virtual Assistant Can Become A Valuable Member Of Your Team

A virtual assistant is much more than just a task-ticker (although don’t underestimate the value of clearing your to-do list every week!)

VAs have a wealth of knowledge that can help your business grow. When you build a partnership with a GOOD virtual assistant, not only will you free up your time, but you’ll scale your business, save money, add to your skillsets, and improve productivity.

When you add a GOOD virtual assistant to your business family, they’ll quickly become one of your most valuable business assets.

Want to expand your family?

Then we would love to help you tackle all those fiddly bits in your business!

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