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Definitely not the bad! 

Sabrina is the GOOD LINE founder and herself an expert virtual assistant. 

She is a planner by nature, being a mother of two small kiwi boys who keep her on her toes.  An amazing all-round administrative professional for companies and entrepreneurs ready to take the next step, she is all about freeing up leaders and manager’s time so they can focus on growing a sustainable and thriving business.

Sabrina has spent over a decade fine tuning her marketing, project management, event planning, research, and business support services for various brands within New Zealand, Australia and the UK.  

Having now turned those experiences into simple, transparent services designed for people who cannot be everywhere in their organisations, she spends most of her time onboarding new clients and matching them with the best of her GOOD team.


As a parent, I understand how important teamwork and maintaining a work-life balance is between partners, friends, colleagues and my children.  

From social media experts to experienced CEO PA’s, I’ll match your business needs to a trusted team member who can help to handle the overwhelm or get you to where you want to be.

I am able to do this because I spend huge amounts of time investing in my people, where trust is at the core of everything we do and pride is encouraged with every task we carry out. I love seeing my team thrive and feel they are really making a big difference to an organisation and combining that with a great work environment, a superb team culture and a constant feeding through of knowledge and training, I have created a truly GOOD team that stay with me and make for a sustainable VA support crew.

OUR GOOD outsiders

It takes a village to raise a family and it is no different in business. We sometimes align with experts outside of our GOOD team who we truly trust. Here are just a few…


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